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🚀Crypto Analysis : MY FAVORITE BITCOIN INDICATOR – Bitcoin Logarithmic Growth Curves 🌕


🚀Crypto Analysis : MY FAVORITE BITCOIN INDICATOR – Bitcoin Logarithmic Growth Curves 🌕

đŸ”„ Everyday at 6 UTC đŸ”„
👉 This new Youtube Channel gives you an overview of the best Bitcoin & Crypto Long-Term indicators.

Today, 20 April 2021, is it time to BUY or to SELL? The charts speak by themselves!

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4 Commentaires


  1. Mabel Oliver

    20 avril 2021 at 17 h 30 min

  2. Geoffrey Waters

    20 avril 2021 at 17 h 30 min

  3. Linda Youngman

    20 avril 2021 at 17 h 30 min

    I agree with all your points, nobody knows where B TC will go, Surely I wouldn’t invest in it as a retirement asset, I don’t think it will ever replace fiat (Both because of its limited availability also because it would take generations to do that)and most of all because now at (almost) All-time highs is in my opinion not the best moment to enter.
    Nevertheless I’m happy I enter sometime ago and I’m holding. None has a crystal ball but in my humble opinion, most people just take about B TC, which is just the tips of the iceberg, I think crypto is going to get more importance and acknowledgment in the future. BTC is the future doesn’t mean we should just hold and not think of the negative effect it would put on you when it goes low than the entry price. I advice that we all follow a less talked about way which is trad!ng. I was about to generate more than 19B TC with 1. 4 B TC in an interval of 6 weeks from using the tradё signal Michael Arthur has a Tel egram Michaelarthur1 for more insights.

  4. L' ARTISAN Constructeur d'espace de vie

    20 avril 2021 at 17 h 30 min

    Merci, think you 👍👍

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