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Cardano Education and Business Development in Ethiopia – Episode 24


Cardano Education and Business Development in Ethiopia – Episode 24

John O’Connor – @jjtoconnor
Charles Hoskinson – @IOHK_Charles
Lars Brünjes, PhD – @LarsBrunjes
Polina Vinogradova – @polinavinovino
Tamara Haasen – @TamaraHaasen
Kwame Rugunda – @CryptoSavannah
Florian Manderscheid –

Rick McCracken – @RichTheKracken
Philippe Pierre-Antoine – @philpa6
Sebastien Guillemot – @SebastienGllmt

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    The Cardano Effect

    25 mars 2019 at 11 h 49 min

    0:14 Prelude

    John O'Connor
    & Charles Hoskinson
    (Part 1)

    3:35 Intro

    3:54 How was the IOHK Haskell course in Ethiopia? How was the graduation ceremony?

    11:24 Will IOHK white label solutions for supply chain management, etc., or will all use cases be custom built per scenario?

    20:49 Are future African developers who work for IOHK going to have to be experienced in many fields (e.g. programming, business development, partner acquisition, etc.)?

    22:49 Will the Haskell class that just graduated be the future entrepreneurs and the ones writing code that will solve the problems that Cardano is pursuing?

    29:13 Challenges in Africa

    33:58 Why is IOHK building in Africa with limited Internet?

    37:13 What is Cardano Enterprise? Does the current course focus on the Cardano Enterprise?

    Lars Brünjes & Polina Vinogradova (Part 2)

    40:56 Intro Lars Brünjes and Polina Vinogradova
    42:09 What was the most challenging part of teaching the Haskell course?

    44:55 What were some of the kinds of things you had the students build?

    46:16 Was this course designed from scratch for Ethiopian students or was this a v3 iteration of the courses taught in Barbados and Athens? – canopus_n

    47:36 What did Professor Philip Wadler say about the complexity of the course?

    48:35 Students used video footage to learn

    49:02 Haskell students writing blog posts

    50:11 Was the Haskell a collaborative effort among the students?

    51:44 Are the Ugandan and Ethiopian cultures similar?

    53:01 The students also learned Plutus

    54:22 Did you see any students have an AHA moment?

    55:18 Were the students able to translate their code to real world applications or use cases?

    56:01 Polina, did you transfer some of your knowledge of formal methods to the students?

    57:18 Polina, what inspired you to learn Haskell?

    58:02 Polina, how did you first hear of Cardano?

    58:42 Lars, how did you get involved with Cardano?

    01:00:36 Lars, where do you call home?

    01:01:17 What's next for both of you?

    01:01:45 Will you teach another course in Africa?

    01:02:20 Were the Uganda students commuting?

    01:02:58 What was the craziest thing you went through during this course?

    01:05:24 What do you think Cardano can accomplish in Africa?

    01:07:10 Conclusion

    Tamara Haasen & Charles Hoskinson (Part 3)

    01:09:39 Welcome

    01:11:33 What are you doing in Ethiopia? IOHK is hiring all of the graduates.

    01:17:19 What was the screening process like for the students?

    01:21:04 What's next?

    01:31:26 When will there be an course in French and will you target french speaking countries? – Nostr_ADA_mus_ and wnipos

    01:34:59 Will IOHK hire all the developers from each of the courses they start in Africa?

    01:43:24 Experience

    01:48:28 – How do people apply to IOHK

    01:48:57 – FOMO from other cryptocurrency companies

    01:50:21 Conclusion

    Kwame Rugunda and Florian Manderscheid
    (Part 4)

    01:52:15 Introduction

    01:59:04 Stable coin from Crypto Savannah

    01:59:56 What was the process of hiring the 4 Ugandan women for the Haskell course?

    02:00:57 What are you using as guidelines for your incubator at iceaddis? Are you working with IOHK with this accelerator program?

    02:04:09 What is the general consensus of blockchain and cryptocurrency in African countries?

    02:12:27 Who else do you have to speak with to push blockchain forward in Africa & use cases?

    02:15:11 How easy is it to communicate with policy makers to push cryptocurrency and blockchain forward?

    02:22:14 What do you need the most?

    02:25:05 Does the average person in Africa have a phone with internet connectivity?

    02:29:07 Conclusion

  2. Avatar


    25 mars 2019 at 11 h 49 min

    Very informative episode

  3. Avatar

    Y King

    25 mars 2019 at 11 h 49 min

    Hey, just an idea for these kind of sound issues… If the ppl also record the volume locally on their pc and send you the files afterwards, you can match it with your recording, then you will not have any gaps in the sound. If ya'll start recording at the same time, post editing will be a breeze. Also, if you use a visualization of the Sound, you might find the gaps easier.

  4. Avatar

    Marco Larsen

    25 mars 2019 at 11 h 49 min

    One of the best episodes so far, thanks guys!! You rock!!!!

  5. Avatar

    Cryptocoin Kiwi

    25 mars 2019 at 11 h 49 min

    Nice intro! Very Bioshock-esque

  6. Avatar

    Willeke Oorn

    25 mars 2019 at 11 h 49 min

    How solid is the rumour with AION?

  7. Avatar

    Adam Gill

    25 mars 2019 at 11 h 49 min

    Will ADA be Mainstream in a few Years?

  8. Avatar

    Lion TV & More

    25 mars 2019 at 11 h 49 min

    ❤️ Cardano ❤️

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